A tribute to club loyalty

Create a personal memorial to the heroes who lived for their club.


Discover the contemporary version of the traditional urn wall, also known as the ‘columbarium’. And give a new meaning to commemoration with this ‘Wall of Honour’. It will find its way to sports clubs and stadiums, giving family, friends, acquaintances and admirers the opportunity to remember loved ones in a unique way. Not only to honour devoted fans, but also to generate new income streams for the club by renting out the niches for a certain period of time. This in addition to extra visiting moments to the sports club/the stadium.

Personalised Memory Wall

The Memory Wall columbarium can be delivered in various shapes and designs. And because it is fully configurable, it can even be made to measure, with a curve if desired. This allows the available space to be arranged as efficiently as possible, no matter how large or small it is. Furthermore, the entire structure can be easily installed within one day on site, thanks to the unique Connect system.

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