Commemoration with meaning

Keep the memory alive with this unique and fully personalised memorial pillar.


The lotus flower symbolises not only purity and clarity, but also life. We have translated this thought into a unique and fully personalised memorial pillar. A work of art in itself, in which one can place the urn together with personal items. Of course, the whole thing can be safely secured with a lock and is corrosion-resistant, which means it can withstand various weather conditions. Furthermore, both the flower and the pillar are available in various colours.

Also available with an image

The lotus pillar can be installed at memorial sites as a purchase or rental object. The system is fully modular and is also available in a version that can incorporate a high resolution image of the deceased. This is burned directly into the metal and finished with a UV and dirt-resistant coating. This process is TUV-tested and certified. In addition, we guarantee a colour fastness of 15 years.

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