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Funeral Products has redesigned the traditional columbarium (urn wall), giving it many additional possibilities as a ‘Wall of Honour’. A columbarium provides a space for family, friends, acquaintances and admirers in a sports club/stadium context to honour and remember deceased fans. It thus generates several new income streams for the club. Firstly, through the rental of the niches for a certain period of time, but also through attracting more visitors: family, relatives and friends come to the stadium to honour the deceased.


The Funeral Products columbarium is in fact a spatial presentation wall, and this distinguishes it from traditional columbaria in which only urns are stored. Due to the flexibility in execution – a deliberate part of the design – the creation of a certain atmosphere, theming or personalisation is possible down to the last detail. The Funeral Products Columbarium is expandable and flexible in terms of its theme, making it easy to fit in with anniversaries or club events.


In close cooperation with PC Uitvaart (Westgaarde Graveyard – Amsterdam), Funeral Products placed columbaria with the signature of AFC Ajax. The columbarium is subtly integrated into the landscape architecture. This special project came about within three months. Bringing the parties together and convincing them of the value of this approach was easy. Both the cemetery and the sports club saw the added value of this unique project. AFC Ajax is proud of this way of paying tribute: lifelong club loyalty is given a lasting appreciation in this form. A monument to remember.


The PC Uitvaart – AFC Ajax initiative is a good example of how to strengthen the bond with the fans in a sustainable way. They are the first priority, they are the building blocks of any club. It is an important instrument for both the sports club and the stadium. Because a columbarium generates extra attention and encounters besides the match days. And thus offer commercial opportunities for the club.


Old-timers, generations from old to grandchild, have built the club, the capillaries of club loyalty, the community, the workers, the passionate fans, the volunteers, the organisers, the loyal crowd of followers.


The many loyal fans. They made the club great and deserve a special place in or near the stadium. Funeral Products has developed a columbarium that provides space for those that have passed. It is to a club’s credit to pay respect to its loyal fans. It is the lifelong bond with the club that certainly also appeals to the younger generations.

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From grandfather to father, from mother to daughter, from child to grandchild, they are the lifelines that make the heart of the club beat. Families visit the stadium to honour their deceased relatives. It is a place of connection, both sporting and personal, where the many fond memories of loved ones and friends, as well as the great matches and club achievements, are made to live on.


Setting up a hall of fame with a physical wall of urns is not only a gesture of club loyalty, but also an interesting model because of the revenue aspect. Securing a place in the columbarium, next to a famous player for example, is a sought-after item. Such a place can be reserved at a rate to be determined. Visitors to the hall of fame come to the stadium with family, friends and guests to pay their last respects to the deceased. Thereafter, the hall of fame will be visited at regular intervals over the years.


The Funeral Products columbarium “Wall of Honour” is a flexible multifunctional object designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Because of the modular design and the use of materials that are weatherproof, it can be placed in the catacombs of a stadium or outside a stadium. The decoration can be tailor-made for the club; in fact, it is a large billboard in which the urns and/or regalia are placed. The columbaria can be set up in many ways: linked together to form a huge wall, straight or with curves.


Each individual position in the columbarium is equipped with a special lock. The lock can only be opened by means of a unique magnetic element. The columbaria have been extensively tested for extreme situations in the outdoor environment: sun, rain, weather and wind have no effect on them. For interior applications, the columbarium can be used in club styling; it can be designed from individual images per position to a thematic total image.